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Critter Catcher

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The Critter Catcher is the perfect tool every household needs for catching Spiders, Crickets, Beetles, Wasps, Bees, Cockroaches, Scorpions and more. It’s quick, clean, safe, children-friendly and the most humane way to remove unwelcome little guests.

Great for kids wanting to catch insects for observing without harming. It is so easy and convenient even for grabbing insects in a confined space such as in your car or tent.  

Main Features:

  • FREE Shipping Worldwide
  • Environment-friendly: Catch and release in nature. Don't squash and kill
  • Avoid mess spilled all over from squashing insects.
  • Catch all types of bugs and insects
  • Soft nylon bristles that will trap and secure insects without harming them.
  • Safe: Long handle to grab insects while keeping them safely away from you
  • Operates with no batteries
  • Portable: Take the critter catcher easily with you when camping or picnic.
  • Easy storage: The critter catcher will not take any space to store for its simple and small design; you can store it anywhere you want.
  • No need to spray harmful chemicals that will affect anyone’s health especially when you have children and pets at home.


Simply squeeze the handle to open the soft nylon bristles, place over the insect, release handle to catch. Then carry the critter and release outside.